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The comprehensive lighting partner

Advanced tailored lighting design services and lighting product consultancy.

Our team of expert lighting engineers, offer a wealth of solutions to the architectural, electrical and construction industries. Providing a range of core services, including:

  • Full LUX simulations and calculations
  • Lighting Scheme Proposals and Guidance
  • Product assessments and performance testing
  • Site assessments and lighting surveys
  • Emergency Lighting Guidance and Plans
  • Compliance advice to regional standards
  • Energy reduction program advise and Return on Investment Statistics
  • Carbon Reduction Calculations
  • Lighting Design co-ordination with Architectural Drawings

For a FREE preliminary consultation on your lighting requirements, please contact our sales team on: +44(0)121 585 3950 or email LSDesign&Consult@LSUK.com

Expertise in the development of lighting schemes for areas and locations including:

  • Office lighting
  • Industrial and factory lighting
  • Warehouse and Storage buildings
  • Defense and Security
  • External building lighting – Residential and Commercial
  • Landscape lighting
  • Street and Pedestrian Lighting
  • Car Parking
  • Tunnel Lighting
  • Retail and Shopping Schemes
  • Aquarium and Zoological Sites
  • Museum and Art Galleries
  • Sports facilities, including:Football Pitch and Stadiums, Tennis courts and arenas, Rugby Pitch and Stadiums, Hockey and Skating Rinks, Basketball Courts, Cricket Stadiums, Squash Courts, Equestrian Facilities.

Examples images of lighting simulations:

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