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No. 1 Induction lighting has a lamp life rating of up to 100,000 hours (up to 22.5 years / 12 hour days) and is not sensitive to operating position. Battery Metal Halide lamps are rated at 10,000 hours (in the vertical position). Most lamps are in the horizontal position and are reduced in rating by approx. 20% (8000 hOURS).
No. 2 Induction lighting has an operating tempERATURE of 50˚C – 70˚C. thermometer Metal Halide has a high operating temperature of 230˚C – 480˚C.
No. 3 Induction lighting is instant-on and instant re-strike, eliminating warm up periods. Stopwatch Metal Halide has a 10 minute warm up period.
No. 4 Induction lighting has slow lumen depreciation (light loss) and can maintain up to 80% of original lumens for 80,000 hours or more. Sun & Cloud Metal Halide can lose 5% of its lumens in the first 200 hours, plus 20% lumen loss every 2000 hours (5-6 months) thereafter. Burning 400W of power but getting 200-225 Watts of light at the end of year one.
No. 5 Induction lighting has a consistent crisp white light throughout its life span. sun Metal Halide experiences colour shifting as it quickly ages turning pink and grey.
No. 6 Induction lighting due to the high visual acuity lumens per Watt, you can use a 160-200 Watt induction bulb in lieu of a 400 Watt metal halide. lightbulb Metal Halide suffers with lower visual acuity lumens per Watt, high wattage needs for adequate lighting, high maintenance, high and quick lumen loss and sensitivity to operating position.
No. 7 Induction lighting has a high CRI (colour rendering index) of >80 improving vision recognition. Colour Palette Metal Halide has a CRI of 65.
No. 8 Induction lighting has high visual acuity (“seeable”) 190 lumens per Watt. Sun-glasses Metal Halide has a visual acuity rating of 80 lumens per Watt.
No. 9 Induction lighting is almost maintenance free for the rated life of the lamp/ballast and has a 5 year warranty. Diamond Metal Halide is high maintenance and has no known warranty.
No. 10 Induction lighting is better for the environment using a solid amalgam (dental mercury form) of only 1.5-6.5 mg which can be easily handled and recycled as well as all other parts of the light. Leaf Metal Halide uses 30-50 mg of mercury and requires special handling.

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